Key Information

6-7 August 2020

NZIFST Information

NZIFST have a range of resources on their website that contain ideas for experiments (

Planning information

Currently being updated – please check back later

Contact Info

If you have any questions contact: [email protected]


ClassYear GroupInterest Area
1Year 7Living World
2Year 8Living World
3Year 7Material World
4Year 8Material World
5Year 7Physical World
6Year 8Physical World
7Year 7 & 8Planet Earth and Beyond*
8Year 9-10Living World
9Year 9-10Material World
10Year 9-10Physical World
11Year 9-10Planet Earth and Beyond*
12Year 11-13Senior Sciences
13Year 7 & 8Junior Invention
14Year 9-13Senior Invention
15Year 7 & 8Junior Scientific Wall Chart
16Year 9-13Senior Scientific Wall Chart
17Year 9-13Scientific Video
18Year 7 & 8Junior Observational Drawing
19Year 9-13Senior Observational Drawing
20Year 7-13Scientific Photography

*In a change from previous years, this class must now be an investigation, not research-based only.

Scientific Wall Charts, Observational Drawings and Scientific Photography must be entered individually. Students may enter all other classes either individually or in pairs.

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